What can I do while waiting for Chief of Mission (COM) approval?

The IRAP organization has written a guide on steps the Afghan SIV applicant can take while waiting for Chief of Mission (COM) approval. For more information, click on the language link of your choice: English Version COM approval guide: Farsi Version COM approval guide:در-زمانی-که-منتظر-تایید-رئیس-هیئت-نمایندگی-COM-هستم-چه-گام-هایی-می-توانم-بردارم- Pashto Version COM approval guide:زه-کوم-ګامونه-اخستلې-شم-کله-چې-د-ماموریت-مشر-COM-د-منظورۍ-پرېکړې-په-تمه-یم-  

How to Email NVC Inquiry

This is an email template to contact National Visa Center (NVC) for SIV case inquiry and checking case status. To: Subject: SIV case inquiry – Case Number: NVC – Name: Last Name, First Name – Date of Birth: 01/February/1980 Message: Hello NVC, I am writing this email to inquire about the status of my SIV case. I am the …

I am an Afghan SIV applicant inside the United States. How do I apply to get a green card (Lawful Permanent Residence)?

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) organization has written a guide that provides general information for the Afghan SIV applicants who entered the U.S. on a visa or with parole status. It gives information about applying for Adjustment of Status (AOS) on form I-485 from inside the United States. This is also known as applying for a green card. This …

Common SIV Questions Answered

1. WHEN WILL I GET COM APPROVAL? Each applicant’s case processing is separate and different from others. Everyone will have different processing times even if you had applied together on the same date with your friends. For example, Ghani and Abdullah apply together for SIV COM approval. Abdullah might COM approval in 120 days, while Ghani gets COM approval in …

Expiring Soon or Expired Cases, What to Do?

If your case shows “Expiring Soon” or “Expired” in your CEAC status, please do the following steps: Check your DS-260 application. If it has reopened or incomplete, then review and resubmit for everyone in your case. It should always show “Complete” status. Send an Online Inquiry to the Embassy. Choose the subject “My status in CEAC says Expiring Soon” Tell …

Naming Convention in US Government Documents

Some Afghan SIV applicants are mistakenly worried that their name have been entered incorrectly or misspelled in US government documents or notices.

The confusion arises with naming convention order of Last Name, First Name. If your document or notice has this naming format, then do not worry about it. This is normal and not a mistake. 

Lets examine the Form i-797C sample below.

The Last Name or Family name is written first followed by First Name. Notice the comma “,” separating the Last Name from First Name

What do if your US government document or notice has misspelled name or other mistakes?

You can submit online inquiry form to request correcting your name and/or other mistakes. The form is link is: e-Request – Typographic Error

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Afghan SIV Programs Explained

Two Different Afghan SIV Programs Explained Some of you might be learning for the first time about the existence of an another different Afghan SIV program that is only for interpreters / translators and issues 50 principal applicant visas per year. This program was created in 2006 and has the “SI visa class category“.   This program’s 50 visas per …

Who Qualifies for the Afghan SIV Program?

This post attempts to clarify the qualification requirements and the type of applicants that qualify for the Afghan SIV program. What is the Afghan SIV program? The Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program was created by the US Congress in 2009 to allow immigration of qualified Afghans that worked for or served the United States government in Afghanistan and have …

Afghan SIV Process Explained

  Are you wondering how long your Afghan SIV application will take? Find out the average processing times in this infographic. Click on the picture to read full details. Infographic obtained and modified from No One Left Behind organization. Average processing times based on the Quarterly Report of the Afghan SIV Program – July 2020.

Children Eligibility Requirements For SIV

Following are the eligibility requirements for the Afghan SIV program children in order to have visas issued under a parent’s case. Child must be younger than 21 years old. This means 0-20 years. Child must be unmarried. Being engaged (naamzad) is ok. If step-child from another husband/wife, then the child must had been under 18 years old at time of …