Who Qualifies for the Afghan SIV Program?

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This post attempts to clarify the qualification requirements and the type of applicants that qualify for the Afghan SIV program.

What is the Afghan SIV program?

The Afghan Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program was created by the US Congress in 2009 to allow immigration of qualified Afghans that worked for or served the United States government in Afghanistan and have faced security threats as consequence of their employment.

چی است؟ (SIV)

این ویزه‌ها به افغان‌هایی داده می‌شود که با نظامیان و یا نمایندگی‌های دولت امریکا در افغانستان کار کرده اند و به این دلیل، با تهدیدهای امنیتی روبرو هستند.

How do you qualify for the SIV program?

To meet the qualifications, Afghans must:

  1. Demonstrate they provided faithful and valuable service to the United States government as documented in their recommendation letter.
  2. Have worked for at least 24 months under a US government contract in Afghanistan as documented in their Human Resources (HR) employment verification letter.
  3. Provide a recommendation letter from a direct US citizen supervisor.

What are some examples of types of jobs that qualifies?

The type of jobs that qualifies for the Afghan SIV program include, but are not limited to:

 – This is not a complete list and used only as a reference.  The final approval decision is with US Embassy Kabul. Please check with the SIV program if you qualify or not. –

  1. Interpreter / Translator with US military, US Embassy, USAID, and ISAF forces.
  2. Cook, Carpenter, Security Guard, Engineer, Electrician, etc. that worked inside US military base or outside US military base under a US government contract.
  3. Employees of US Embassy, US State Department, USAID.

Who does not qualify for the Afghan SIV program?

 – This is not a complete list and used only as a reference.  The final approval decision is with US Embassy Kabul. Please check with the SIV program if you qualify or not. –

The types of employment not eligible for the Afghan SIV program are, but not limited to:

  1. Members of Afghan security forces such as ANP, ANA, NDS.
  2. Diplomats of Afghanistan.
  3. Employees of the Afghan government.
  4. Employees of the United Nations (UN).
  5. Employees of the Non-Government Organizations (NGO).
  6. Employees of IOM, IRC, UNAMA, etc.
  7. Shopkeepers, jewelry, tailors, barbers, bakery, fast food workers, and other private business owners located inside US military bases.
  8. British Interpreters that served with British forces. Read information about British visa for interpreters.

Where and how can I apply for the Afghan SIV program?

Visit the official US State Department Afghan SIV program page to learn the application process and requirements: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/immigrate/special-immg-visa-afghans-employed-us-gov.html 

Where can I see SIV document samples and tutorials?

Visit the Afghan SIV Guide page to see samples and application process tutorials: www.AfghanRefugee.net/siv-guide 

I have questions about the SIV program or my SIV case. Where can I get some answers?

Please visit the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) organization website for Afghan SIV guides and answers at: www.irapLegalinfo.org

I need help with my Afghan SIV application. Where can I get help?

If above resources does not resolve your questions or problem, then share your issue by posting in our AWA SIV Advocacy Facebook Group. Please provide some details with clear explanation when posting.

Join and post in our group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/awa.siv.advocacy

Where can I privately message someone for help?

You can message us here:


When messaging our page, give a clear and detailed explanation of you issue or question. Do not wait for our reply or permission to ask your questions.

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