Expiring Soon or Expired Cases, What to Do?

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If your case shows “Expiring Soon” or “Expired” in your CEAC status, please do the following steps:
  1. Check your DS-260 application. If it has reopened or incomplete, then review and resubmit for everyone in your case. It should always show “Complete” status.
  2. Send an Online Inquiry to the Embassy. Choose the subject “My status in CEAC says Expiring Soon”
Tell the Embassy you have completed your DS260, and that you request that they keep your case open and active.
How to check DS-260 application status?
  1. Visit https://ceac.state.gov
  2. Click on “DS-260, Online Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application”.
  3. Do not click on “Check My Visa Application Status”
  4. Enter your Case and invoice number.
  5. Check and confirm it shows “complete” for everyone. If not complete, then resubmit after reviewing and correcting any missing information or mistakes.
How to Send Online Inquiry to US Embassy Kabul?
The US Embassy Kabul will only accept and respond to Online Inquiries submitted on their website. Do not email the embassy. Emails are not accepted anymore for inquiries.
Make sure to choose the correct subject relating to your issue or question.
Before sending online inquiry, make sure to first review the questions already answered. If your question has been answered, you will not receive a reply from the embassy. 
Visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page here: https://af.usembassy.gov/visas/contact-us-faqs/
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