Visa Program for British Interpreters in Helmand

The UK Government has extended its relocation scheme for Afghan interpreters that served alongside British Forces in Helmand, Afghanistan for another six years. The eligibility criteria for the Relocation Offer under the scheme are that the LES (Locally Employed Staff) must have been: employed directly by the UK government at the time of their redundancy in a role which took them regularly …

How to Apply for Diversity Visa (Green Card Lottery)?

Do you want to know how to apply for a #DiversityVisa? Follow the guidelines in this video: #DV2020 :میخواهید به ویزۀ لاتری ایالات متحده درخواستی بدهید؟ برای رهنمای لازم این ویدیو را ببینید :غواړي د متحده ایالاتو د لاټرۍ ویزې لپاره غوښتنلیک وسپاري؟ د لازمې لارښوونې لپاره دغه ویډیو وګورئ Original Source from U.S. Embassy Kabul Facebook page: