Information for Afghan Nationals

Are you looking for information about SIV, Asylum, Parolee, Refugee and other related things for the Afghans? The USCIS has published a page that provides information for Afghan nationals about many topics such as: SIV, Asylum, Refugee, Green Cards, Parolees, Finding Legal Services (Lawyer), Social Security Card, Employment Authorization Document (EAD card), and many more. The link to the USCIS …

Six Big Mistakes to Avoid During your Immigration Interview

The following are the summarized mistakes to avoid as mentioned in the video. Watch the video in the bottom of this post.
  1. Guessing. Do not guess your answers. If you do not know the answer simply say: “I do not know”. Guessing answers can make a visa officer think that you are lying.
  2. Giving rambling answers. This means answering more than necessary. For example, the visa officer asks you: What is your current job? For the answer you start your life story from 25 years ago till present, providing too much details and unnecessary information that was not asked. Simply answer the question. Nothing extra. Do not answer questions not asked! This is not the time to tell your full life story.
  3. Not bringing all necessary documents. Come to your interview prepared with printed copies of all necessary and requested documents. Check your interview appointment letter for required documents to bring.
  4. Lying to your visa officer. Do not lie to your visa officer during the interview.
  5. Do not be rude to your visa officer. Be polite, professional and respectful during your interview.
  6. Being Unprepared. You should never go to your interview without preparing yourself. Prepare yourself for the type of questions you will be asked and practice answering those questions in a mock interview with someone.

Watch the full video below for big mistakes to avoid during your immigration interview.


معلومات در مورد جواز کار

چگونه بخاطر اصلاح کردن جواز کار درخواست دهیم؟ اگر درخواست سند جواز کار EAD شما حاوی معلومات نادرست یا اشتباه است، لطفا برای اطلاعات اصلاح کردن به وب سایت USCIS مراجعه کنید. روی این لینک کلیک کنید: معلومات در مورد جواز کار   Information to correct Employment Authorization Card in Dari :English Version Link USCIS

How to Transfer SIV Cases from U.S. Embassy Kabul to Another U.S. Embassy

Please visit the official Afghan SIV webpage for latest updates, instructions and information at: A step-by-step guide to transfer SIV cases from U.S. Embassy Kabul to another U.S. Embassy Applicants waiting for COM approval do not need to transfer their case. Applicants waiting for Conditional Approval for their Form i-360 do not need to transfer their case. Only applicants with an approved I-360 …

What can I do while waiting for Chief of Mission (COM) approval?

The IRAP organization has written a guide on steps the Afghan SIV applicant can take while waiting for Chief of Mission (COM) approval. For more information, click on the language link of your choice: English Version COM approval guide: Farsi Version COM approval guide:در-زمانی-که-منتظر-تایید-رئیس-هیئت-نمایندگی-COM-هستم-چه-گام-هایی-می-توانم-بردارم- Pashto Version COM approval guide:زه-کوم-ګامونه-اخستلې-شم-کله-چې-د-ماموریت-مشر-COM-د-منظورۍ-پرېکړې-په-تمه-یم-  

How to Email NVC Inquiry

This is an email template to contact National Visa Center (NVC) for SIV case inquiry and checking case status. To: Subject: SIV case inquiry – Case Number: NVC – Name: Last Name, First Name – Date of Birth: 01/February/1980 Message: Hello NVC, I am writing this email to inquire about the status of my SIV case. I am the …

I am an Afghan SIV applicant inside the United States. How do I apply to get a green card (Lawful Permanent Residence)?

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) organization has written a guide that provides general information for the Afghan SIV applicants who entered the U.S. on a visa or with parole status. It gives information about applying for Adjustment of Status (AOS) on form I-485 from inside the United States. This is also known as applying for a green card. This …