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You have come to the right place for getting SIV help.

Please first read the SIV Guide page for step-by-step SIV process explanation.

For most common SIV questions, read Frequently Asked Questions page.

Where to get help?

Update (October 2019): 

Send request for help in private message to our Association of Wartime Allies page:

Join the AWA SIV Advocacy group:

Individual case assistance is no longer provided by IRAP and NOLB organizations. For self-help, visit IRAP Legal Information website. Website translations are provided in both Dari and Pashtu languages.

IRAP is no longer accepting new cases at the moment. Afghan SIV and refugees are encouraged to consult the IRAP Legal Information website.

This website will be updated to provide new resources for SIV case assistance in future.

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