California Driving Handbook in English and Farsi

The California Driving Handbook in English and Farsi version has been made available for download at these links: English version: California Driver Handbook – English Farsi version: California Driver Handbook – Farsi Download California DMV Farsi sample tests here: For Virginia Driving Handbook in Dari, visit: Virginia Driving Handbook – Dari Note: These driving handbooks are valid only for the state of California and Virginia. If …

Adding Newborn Child to SIV Case

Please email to request adding your newborn child to your SIV case. In the email include the following items: Child’s birth certificate (translated and original tazkira). If using electronic tazkira, then scan both sides, and no need to translate. Child’s Afghan electronic passport copy. Principal applicant’s full name, date of birth, and case number. The name of the person writing …

How Does a Bill Become a Law?

Many people are unaware about the process a bill goes through in the US Congress to get passed and become a law. Knowing this process will help Afghans understand the process SIV and immigration bills must go through, how it passes and why it fails sometimes.

The process is explained in the info-graphic and video below. Make sure to watch the video. As always, don’t forget to share this post!

Watch the video