Six Big Mistakes to Avoid During your Immigration Interview

The following are the summarized mistakes to avoid as mentioned in the video. Watch the video in the bottom of this post.
  1. Guessing. Do not guess your answers. If you do not know the answer simply say: “I do not know”. Guessing answers can make a visa officer think that you are lying.
  2. Giving rambling answers. This means answering more than necessary. For example, the visa officer asks you: What is your current job? For the answer you start your life story from 25 years ago till present, providing too much details and unnecessary information that was not asked. Simply answer the question. Nothing extra. Do not answer questions not asked! This is not the time to tell your full life story.
  3. Not bringing all necessary documents. Come to your interview prepared with printed copies of all necessary and requested documents. Check your interview appointment letter for required documents to bring.
  4. Lying to your visa officer. Do not lie to your visa officer during the interview.
  5. Do not be rude to your visa officer. Be polite, professional and respectful during your interview.
  6. Being Unprepared. You should never go to your interview without preparing yourself. Prepare yourself for the type of questions you will be asked and practice answering those questions in a mock interview with someone.

Watch the full video below for big mistakes to avoid during your immigration interview.


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