How to Designate Someone Else to Collect Your Passport

This post is about situation where you or your spouse wishes for someone else to collect your passports from the US Embassy Kabul.

In order for someone else to pick up (collect) your passports, you need to submit request to the US Embassy Kabul first. Once the embassy reviews your request and a decision is made, then they will contact you with further pickup instructions.

How to submit request?

  1. Start the submission process by opening the “Online Inquiry Form” and selecting the subject “I need to collect my passport/civil documents“.
  2. To designate someone else to collect documents, include in your request statement following items:
    1. Person’s Full Name
    2. Passport or Tazkira Number of the person (not yours)
    3. Contact telephone number of the person (not yours)
  3. Upload copy of Passport / Tazkira the person will show at entrance. This is the person’s document, not yours.

Sample Request Statement

I would like my brother-in-law Gul Marjan to collect the passports with the visas issued instead of my wife, Gul Chaman Nazawaly. My wife is unable to travel by herself from Helmand province to Kabul to collect the passports. I have attached copy of Gul Marjan’s Afghan passport that he will present at the embassy’s entrance.

The person’s information is:

Full Name: Gul Marjan Stanikzai

Afghan Passport Number: 123456789

Telephone Number: +93 798 1234567

Note: You need to wait for US Embassy Kabul’s email confirmation and approval to have someone else collect your passport / civil documents.

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