Important Information For SIV Applications Submitted After December 23, 2016

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Update on “sensitive and trusted activity” requirement for SIV applications filed after December 23, 2016.

From State Department:

“Evidence provided by the applicant (including the information contained in the applicant’s Verification of Employment in Afghanistan, Letter of Recommendation, Form DS-157, Statement of Threats Received as a Consequence of Your Employment, and Employee Badge) is evaluated during the Chief of Mission process to determine whether the “sensitive and trusted activities” standard is met. Supervisors and employers are responsible for describing the applicant’s duties that they consider to be sensitive and trusted.”

Advice from NOLB National:

We have not received from the Federal Government a clear public definition of “sensitive and trusted activity” but just that ‘every case is different’ and that they ‘consider the totality of the evidence’. It is suggested that every recommender, if they believe it was the case (supervisors and HR), write that the person’s job was ‘sensitive and trusted’ and then explain in a sentence or two why they believe that to be the case. In the vast majority of cases, we would expect that to meet the burden.

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So what does it mean?

The eligibility for the Afghan SIV program was changed after December 23, 2016 which requires Afghan SIV applicants to have worked as interpreter, translator or those performing sensitive and trusted activities.  NOLB has attempted to provide clarification on the meaning of the “sensitive and trusted activity” eligibility requirement.

Does this affect me? Am I eligible? Will I get COM approval?

If you have applied for the Afghan SIV program before December 23, 2016, you should have not have anything to worry about. Your case should not be processed under the new SIV eligibility rule. However, if you have applied for the Afghan SIV program after December 23, 2016 then your case will be individually evaluated to determine if you meet the standard.

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