Yellow Card Questions and Clarifications


This post attempts to answer and clarify the most commonly asked questions regarding the “Yellow Card” issued after embassy visa interview.

  1. What does Yellow Card mean and what does it say?
    • Yellow Card is issued after completing your US embassy visa interview. It has your name and case number (KBL #) along with instructions to check your case status. You will need your yellow card and tazkira when picking up your passport after visa is issued.
  2. I still have not understood it, can you translate it for me?
    • Please read the Farsi translated side in the image below.
  3. Where or how can I check my case status? How can I know when visa gets issued?
    • Please read both the Farsi and English sides for clearly explained instruction to check your case status.
    • The case can be checked by visiting:
  4. Why my Yellow Card has ( ✘ )  and not ( ✅ ) mark?
      • This is a very common confusion among Afghan SIV applicants that mistakenly think ( ✘ ) means something is wrong with their case or case was refused/denied.
      • Both ( ✘ ) and ( ✅ ) have same meaning and used for marking purposes only.
      • Your case is normal and there is nothing to worry about.
      •  ! نوت: جای هیچگونه تشویش نیست، کیس شما به صورت نورمال در حال پروسس هست
  5. My yellow card is blank and has no marks!
    • This is normal. Most likely the embassy staff forgot to check-mark your yellow card. There is no need worry about anything.
    • ! نوت: جای هیچگونه تشویش نیست، کیس شما به صورت نورمال در حال پروسس هست
  6. My Yellow Card says to provide “Medical Exam”. What should I do?
    • Yes, SIV applicants are required to take medical exam. However, please wait patiently for US embassy to email you when your case is ready to be scheduled for medical exam.
    • ! شما باید منتظر سفارت ایالات متحده باشید تا زمانی که برای انجام معاینه پزشکی به شما اطلاع داده شود
  7. These are very simple questions, why did you post about them?
    1. Unfortunately, these are very commonly asked questions in both SIV group pages and in my private inbox messages.
    2. Check out the samples:



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