Interview Documents Explained

This blog post attempts to simplify and explain the documents listed in the SIV interview letter for US Embassy Kabul.

Lets examine the typical list first.

Part 1

This letter is requesting following documents from the SIV applicant:

  1. Unexpired Afghan electronic passport for everyone in the case, including children.
  2. Two passport photos for everyone measuring 5 cm x 5 cm.
  3. Tazkira copies with English translation. Birth Certificate is Tazkira in Afghanistan.
  4. Marriage certificate (Nikah Khat) with English translation (if married).
  5. Marriage Termination (Talaq khat) if divorced.
  6. Afghanistan Police certificate is not required! Explanation is below. 
  7. Employee / Camp / Base badges, if available.
  8. HR letter used for COM approval.
  9. Adoption paperwork, if you have adopted (farzandee) children.
  10. Interview appointment letter copy.

Part 2

If you noticed in previous picture, each document has its own “Document Status” code. The following picture lists the explanation of these document status code meanings.

Now, just match each document status code from the previous list and look up the definitions.

For SIV applicants, the most important codes are: A, C, F, S

A – You must bring this document.

C – Bring the interview appointment letter.

F – NVC did not request this document. Do not bring to interview.

– You must bring original document to your interview.

– This document was submitted online (DS-260). Bring DS-260 receipt page.


Special explanation for Afghan Police certificate:

For Afghanistan applicants, the Afghanistan Police Certificate is not required for visa interviews. You will notice that the Afghanistan Police Certificate has the “X” document code which means the document can not be obtained in Afghanistan. Furthermore, according to the official US State Department website, the Afghanistan police certificate is not considered reliable and trustworthy by US government. This makes the document unnecessary to obtain for US visa interview purposes.


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