Preparation advice for new life in America

I had a Afghan interpreter guest last night from Los Angeles. He wanted to pass the following short advice to those waiting in Afghanistan for their visa and how to better prepare themselves for new life in America. 1. Work on improving your English skills. Learn to write and speak English at the professional level as much as possible. Continue …

Green Cards for Employees of the U.S. Government Abroad

Foreign employees of the U.S. government abroad may, based on years of loyalty or other special circumstances, qualify for U.S. lawful permanent residence. This is a very special program that makes foreign US government employees eligible after many years of loyal service, and the application process requires recommendation from a US ambassador and approval by the US Secretary of State. …

SIV resettlement process

Watch this video to learn about the SIV resettlement process after arriving to the United States. This video has very good advice and tips for SIV families starting new life in USA. Don’t forget to share this post! [huge_it_videogallery id=”3″]