Green Card Lottery Winners Are Not Eligible for Government Assistance

There have been many recently arrived Afghans that came to the United States through the Green Card Lottery (Diversity Visa) program.

Unfortunately, majority of them have arrived financially unprepared and were not aware that they were NOT ELIGIBLE for government assistance that is normally given to refugee, asylum or SIV cases. 

Following are advisory points for Afghan green card lottery winners to follow before arriving to the United States:

  1. Learn English Language. While waiting for visa to be issued, register yourself in English language courses to better prepare yourself and your family for transition to America. 
  2. Learn Computer and Technology Skills. Having computer skills will make it easier to find good paying jobs. 
  3. Learn to Drive.  Knowing how to drive safely in United States in a major necessity. Many places will not hire you if you don’t have your own driving license and car to come to work. 
  4. Learn about American Culture. Expose yourself to American culture as much as possible to help with adjustment process after arrival.
  5. Save enough Money to Survive. Since the government will most likely deny any welfare assistance such as food stamps and housing (helping with rent), you should have enough financial savings to support yourself at least your first year. 

President Trump has plans to deny green cards to individuals and families that will receive welfare assistance or will arrive in the United States with the intention of getting welfare assistance from government. This has not been finalized yet, but unfortunately very soon it might become reality. 

Note: The above rule should not apply for SIV, refugees and asylum cases. 

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