Adding Newborn Child to SIV Case

Please email to request adding your newborn child to your SIV case.

In the email include the following items:

  • Child’s birth certificate (translated and original tazkira). If using electronic tazkira, then scan both sides, and no need to translate.
  • Child’s Afghan electronic passport copy.
  • Principal applicant’s full name, date of birth, and case number.
  • The name of the person writing the email.

Email template:


Subject: KBL20174567890 or NVCSIV20157965312 – Add New Child in SIV Case (write your own case number)

Email message:

Hello NVC,

I am writing this email to request to add my newborn child to my Afghan SIV case. I have attached the newborn child’s Afghan Tazkira and Afghan electronic passport copy.

The child’s information is:

Child Name: Shabnam Totakhail

Child Date of Birth: 17/12/2020

Child Place of Birth: Write city name and country born here. For example:  Lashkargha, Afghanistan.

Child Gender: Female –

For boys, write “Male”. For girls, write “Female”.


I am the principal applicant writing this email and my information is:

The Name of the person writing this email: Mustafa Totakhail

Case Number: KBL, ISL or NVCSIV number

Principal Applicant Name: Mustafa Totakhail

Principal Applicant Date of Birth: 23/06/1997

Note: You may not receive auto-reply when sending email request to add your child to your case. Please have patience and wait for your child to be added by regularly checking your DS-260 application. Once the child is added to the DS-260 application, then submit the application for the child.

For help with submitting DS-260 application, watch the DS-260 application tutorial video.


Post last updated: May 15, 2023

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