Guide for COM Denial Appeals

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IRAP organization has published an excellent Guide for COM Denial Appeals.

This guide is for Afghans who:

  1. Worked in Afghanistan for the U.S. government, a company with a U.S. government contract, or the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) or a successor mission, and
  2. Submitted an application for Chief of Mission (COM) approval to the National Visa Center (NVC) and
  3. Received a denial letter from NVC denying their application for COM approval less than 120 days ago and
  4. Want to appeal the denial.

You can appeal your COM denial within 120 days of the day that you received your COM denial letter from NVC.

You can only appeal your denial one time. Multiple appeals are not accepted. If your appeal gets denied, you will need to submit a new COM application for approval. You need to fix or address your previous problems before applying again.

This guide is also very helpful for all Afghan SIV applicants waiting for their COM approval and points out common issues they need to check to avoid getting denied. 

Please use following links to read the COM Appeal Guide in your choice of language.

For English version:

For Dari version:

For Pashto version:


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