How to locate American Supervisor? (Form DS-158)

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Part of the Afghan Special Immigration Visa (SIV) program requirement is having a recommendation letter from a American Citizen Supervisor.

If your previous supervisor was U.S. military or an employee of the U.S. Department of Defense and you are having trouble locating them, the U.S. government can possibly help, although it is not guaranteed to locate them.

Under the Supervisor Locator program, U.S. government try to locate your previous supervisor and contact them for you. Use following steps and templates to use the Supervisor Locator program.

Step 1: 

  • Download, complete and submit the Form DS-158 to the Department of State’s National Visa Center (NVC). The NVC will forward your information to the Supervisor Locator, who will then reach out to the relevant U.S. government agencies, including DoD and Veteran’s Affairs, to seek contact information.

Step 2:

  • Fill out the Form DS-158 using the Form DS-158 Sample.
  • In Box 1, make sure to list your nickname, code name or interpreter name such as Johnny, Rambo, Arnold, Jack, etc. that your US military teams called you.
  • In the boxes titled “WORK EXPERIENCE – PREVIOUS” make sure you completely fill out as much detail as possible. This includes:
    • Under “Employer’s Name and Address:” write your supervisor’s name, rank and branch of service (Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Civilian, etc.).
    • Under “Date From” and “Date To”, write when you worked for your supervisor.
    • Under “Describe Your Duties,” write a few items that you did when working for this supervisor as well as the name of the military base and the town/city and country where you and your supervisor served together. Please also indicate the unit in which your supervisor served.

Step 3: 

Good luck locating your supervisors and remember it is not guaranteed to find them.

If you require further assistance locating or contacting your US supervisors, then visit IRAP’s website at following link:

For more answers to commonly asked questions, visit: Frequently Asked Questions page.

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