4,000 Visa Clarification

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This post attempts to provide better clarification on a viral Senate letter being shared on SIV group pages. Many Afghans have mistakenly come to the conclusion that the letter means 4,000 additional visas have been approved and finalized for the Afghan SIV program.

Unfortunately, this is not correct. 

So what does it mean?

Let’s examine the letter first on the right side.

This is a proposal letter asking the various committee chairmen to support the Afghan SIV program by including 4,000 special immigration visas in the Fiscal Year 2019 Department of State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs appropriations bill.  At this stage, it just a request by Senators Jeanne Shaheen and Chuck Grassley to include more visas for the Afghan SIV program. This is a small step towards authorizing and finalizing more visas. This does not mean more visas have been approved and included in the Afghan SIV program. The 4,000 visas need to be included in the bill first, then passed by the US Congress and finally signed by the US president to become official.

To learn more about the process involved in creating and passing bills, read: How Does a Bill Become a Law?

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  1. Hello this is Sediqullah noori i am from Afghanistan i have been worked for US Forces as interpreter from July 2010 to May 2012 now my life is in seruse danger and still recieving threat letters from Taliban i really need u to help me for family USA visa it will be ur help

    1. Hello,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. Please send email to ” info@RefugeeRights.org ” to request help with your SIV case. Good luck.

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