How to ask for SIV help?

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This post is written to help facilitate faster response and help for Afghans seeking SIV assistance and answers.

Often times, people are sending incomplete Facebook messages to either Mustafa AfghanRefugee or Afghan Refugee Facebook pages that are not helpful and does not allow fast response.

Following is a typical chat transcript.

SIV applicant: Salam lala Mustafa, Khob asti? Yak sawal dashtum.

… After few days later …

Mustafa AfghanRefugee: Walaikoum. What is your question?

… After few days later …

SIV applicant: Thank you. My case is not getting update after my interview in June 2018.

Mustafa AfghanRefugee: Ok? How can I help you?

So what is the problem? 

My Facebook profile and page gets about 20 to 40 messages daily. I want to repeat again, 20 to 40 messages daily for SIV help and questions. Since I am only one person answering the messages, this means I have very limited time to quickly scan messages and compose answers.

Starting with this post, all incomplete messages that only contain greetings (salam or joor porsanee) will be ignored. I don’t want to be rude, but I simply do not have the time to individually respond to 20 or 40 daily greetings messages. Instead, it will be very helpful and productive to directly ask your questions or discuss your issues after sending your greetings.

How to send Facebook messages?

Please use this template to send messages:

Salam Mustafa. I have problem, question or need help.

  1. Question: My case was denied on June 23, 2018. How can I appeal the denial? Where can I get appeal help?
  2. Include embassy letter or email screen-shots
  3. Case number: KBL2017 1234567
  4. Interview date: March 9, 2018
  5. Denial date: June 23, 2018
  6. Appeal deadline: October 20, 2018
  7. Terminated / Security Ineligible / CI failed / Blacklisted: Yes or No
  8. DS-260 application status checked? Yes or No
  9. DS-260 application status: Incomplete or Re-opened or Complete (Choose one option)
  10. Contacted IRAP? Yes or No
  11. Contacted NOLB? Yes or No
  12. Response from IRAP or NOLB:

This is just a template to help you compose your message. Modify and add any helpful information about your SIV case, issue or question. 

It is very important to ask your question very clearly and directly with full details. 

You can use this template not just when messaging Afghan Refugee, but also other places such as IRAP, NOLB, NVC, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

– Mustafa, Afghan Refugee Administrator

Note: If you were given a link to visit this page in the messenger, then it means your message was incomplete, not clear or not helpful to answer your question. Please follow the above template instructions and try sending your complete message again.

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