How to deal with racist behavior

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As the Afghan SIV community in the United States continues to grow, it is important to discuss that they might be confronted by certain racist individuals and find themselves on the receiving end of racial insults.

  1. First most, your own safety is very important. Do not physically engage the racist individual unless you feel physically threatened or need to defend yourself.
  2. Video record the incident on your mobile phone.
  3. Try to find out person’s name, car license plate number or any information that will help police locate this person later.
  4. Report to the police and file a complaint against the individual.
  5. Call the 911 emergency number if you are threatened or feel your life and property is in danger.
  6. Stay calm, patient and do not let yourself get provoked into a physical fight.

Following video is our Afghan brothers getting in a confrontation with a racist woman in Canada. Notice the Afghans remain calm and do not let themselves get provoked into a physical fight with the abuser.


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