Afghan SIV October 2017 Official Report

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The October 2017 official report for the Afghan SIV program has been published and made available for the public.

This is a summarized bullet points of that report. The full report can be found here: Report of Afghan SIV Program – October 2017


Summary bullet points:

  1. Average Processing Times

    StageAverage Processing Time
    COM Approval180 days (6 months)
    Conditional Approval30 days (1 month)
    Visa Interview Appointment270 days (9 months)
    Administrative Processing210 days (7 months)
    Total Estimate Processing Time690 days (23 months)
    Average processing times for the Afghan SIV program as of October 2017 report.
    • Note: These are very optimistic estimates for average processing time. Your case processing time could be much longer and slower paced. Please do not compare your case processing times with other cases. The processing time depends on the case and will be different for everyone.
  2. Applicants In Each Stage

    StagePrincipal ApplicantsFamily Members
    COM Approval6151Not Applicable
    Conditional Approval82Not Applicable
    Visa Interview Appointment25118780
    Administrative Processing57175
    Total 93158855
    The number of principal and family members in each stage of Afghan SIV program as of October 2017 report.
  3. Number of SIV Interviews in Fourth Quarter of FY 2017

    MonthPrincipal ApplicantsFamily MembersTotal
  4. Total number of visas issued as of September 30, 2017:
    • 9,475 visas issued out of 14,500 visa limit.
  5. Visas remaining as of September 30, 2017: 5,025


Very Important:

The processing times will depend on each case and will be different for everyone. Please do not compare your case with other applicant’s case processing times even if they applied together at same time as you. The SIV program has lengthy and slow application process. You will need to have lots of patience and keep waiting for your application to be processed. There is nothing can be done to speed up your application process except if your US supervisors and American teams contact their senators in Congress for help with your SIV application. For more information, please see Frequently Asked Questions page.

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