Medical Exam Appointment Instruction

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Watch medical appointment video: SIV video tutorial

The medical examination for Afghan SIV applicants inside Afghanistan is performed by American Medical Center. The following medical exam appointment scheduling instruction is for applicants inside Afghanistan. If you are outside Afghanistan, then contact the US embassy processing your case for instructions.

What does medical examination include?

The medical examination will include a physical and mental health exam, chest x-ray, blood tests, skin test and if needed, 3 consecutive sputum cultures, and drug sensitivity testing.

How to schedule medical examination?

  1. Send email to: 
  2. Subject line: Medical appointment request for KBL20164201234 (use your own case number)
  3. Use following template for email message:
    • I have been instructed by the US Embassy Kabul to schedule medical examination for my SIV case.
    • Make a list and include the following information:
      • Case Number (KBL number; KBL20164201234)
      • Date of interview with U.S. embassy 
      • Full Name (Mustafa Alokozai)
      • Afghan Electronic Passport Number (O 12342045)
      • Date of Birth (June 1, 1988)
    • If you have wife/husband or children and they also need medical exam for visa then include:
      • Wife Full Name
      • Wife Date of Birth
      • Full Name for each child
      • Date of birth for each child
  4. After few days, you will receive a confirmation email with time and date for your appointment. Note: You will not get auto-reply email. Just wait for response. 
  5. You will need to confirm your medical appointment date by replying to the email.
    • Note: After sending confirmation email, you will not receive confirmation again. Just make preparations for the appointment date you have confirmed.

What to bring for medical examination appointment day?

  1. Original Afghan Electronic Passport (for each person, including children)
  2. 4 Passport Photos Size 3×4 cm (for each person, including children)
  3. Vaccination Records (if available, if you do not have it then it is not a problem)
  4. Letter from US Embassy Kabul or NVC (visa interview appointment letter and medical exam notification)
  5. Email confirmation for medical appointment
  6. US dollar cash for medical exam cost

How much does the medical examination cost?

  • Medical exam: $365 per person
  • Vaccination: $135 per person
  • Total estimated cost: $500 per person

*** The medical costs could be lower depending on vaccinations needed ***

Make sure to bring vaccination records, if available, to avoid getting unnecessary vaccinations and save on costs.


Note: If you are currently on medication, continue taking your medication as usual.

Watch medical appointment video: SIV video tutorial

Where is the American Medical Center (AMC) located?

15th Street, Lane 4, Wazir Akbar Khan, Kabul

*Located close to Norway Embassy

Phone Number: +93 79 759 0738

Please do not use this phone number for making medical appointments, follow the instructions above for sending medical appointment request through email.

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