Afghan Special Immigration Visa (SIV) 2017 update

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Revised: June 16, 2017


The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2017 has brought following changes to Afghan special immigration visa (SIV) program:

  1. Two-year  Human Resource (HR) letter is required along with Letter of Recommendation from American citizen supervisor.
  2. The program has been extended to December 2020.
  3. 1,500 additional visas were included which increased the visa limit from 7,000 to 8,500.  The Consolidated Appropriations Act for FY 2017 as signed by President Trump on May 5, 2017 added 2,500 additional visas for Afghan principal applicants, for a total of 11,000 visas allocated since December 19, 2014.
  4. New eligibility requirements are as following:
    • New applicants applying for COM approval in 2017 needs to be interpreter / translator for US military; State Department or USAID; or to perform sensitive and trusted activities for the U.S. government.
    • Applicants that have already applied in 2016 or earlier will continue to get processed. New eligibility should not apply to you.
    • Applicants that have already gotten COM approval and waiting for visa interview, medical exam or drop off will continue to get processed. New eligibility should not apply to you.


Special clarification to Drivers, Cleaners, Engineers, Guards, ShopKeeper, Contractor, etc:

  • If you have already applied in 2016 or earlier, you don’t need to worry. You will get visa issued upon process completion. New eligibility rules should not apply to you.
  • If you have already gotten COM approval and waiting for visa interview, medical exam or drop off, you don’t need to worry. You will get visa issued. New rules don’t apply to you.
  • If you have not applied or will be applying for COM approval in 2017, then most likely you will be not eligible for SIV program unless you were interpreter / translator for US military, State Department or USAID. You can apply and try your chance.  The eligibility decision is with US embassy. 


For more information visit official Afghan SIV webpage

Get help with your SIV application by visiting: Afghan SIV Guide

Below is screenshot image from the official US State Department Afghan SIV webpage retrieved on June 16, 2017.


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  1. that is very good sir but i have worked with US Army but they haven’t give Recommendation letter all the others documents i have and submit for the SIV to i receive my case number to but now they want recommendation letter from me and the Army that i worked with they saying we haven’t seen you for a long time after you leaved the job with whom you in contact, now we can trust on you, it’s mean they are not giving recommendation letter to me please do something for me i just need your help,

    1. Please contact IRAP organization for assistance with your case. Visit:

  2. Shopkeeper in fob Shank logar province

  3. I LOVE THIS news thenks

    1. Thank you very much for the compliments.

      1. Mustafa jan
        There is no update on the SIV main page to reflect those changes that you mention…

        1. Please wait for official website to be updated soon with new eligibility rules. See the pictures i have posted for the new siv law.

  4. If work as field employee with USAID does it eligible for SIV ?

    1. Yes. USAID employees are eligible if you were interpreter or translator.

  5. Great job brother we are all owe you for your hard working

  6. My case was denied and according to denial letter, I had the right to make one appeal. I sent my appeal with documents and sent for they.and they said we sent in Kabul for reviwe but I waiting from Nov.2015 in now.
    Please tell me how much day I must Wait?

    1. Don’t keep waiting. Apply another application if you have correct documents. However, first fix the problem that caused you to get denied.

  7. Dear sir I have worked with US special forces in Kandahar under a very bad situation and I had never don any wrong doing during this period but unfortunately I have failed in CI test in 2013 from that moment I never had any job In fact my destiny had been destroyed so I kindly request if someone guide me how to take my self out this problem.
    Thank you so much

    1. You need to find a Colonel or above rank military officer to have you scheduled for CI screening again. Contact IRAP organization for further assistance:

  8. It really is very good news .

    The combat interpreters really are threatened and are entitled for SIV

  9. Hello sir i have applyed for siv in nov 2016. I sign the recommendation letter by non us citezen suppervisor becose of i coldnt find our us cetezen supervisor i send all my documets to siv but rejected. Now i dont know what i have to do? I have recommendation letter signed by our local activity manager i worked with (AATG) afgan american technology group i was teching ANP in Helmand PHQ in very bad situation.

    1. Hi Abdul Rahman,
      Contact IRAP organization for assistance with your case. They might be able to help you locate your US citizen supervisors. Visit:

  10. Mustafa Jan salam I hope you doing well just ask about COM aprovel 8 moths ago my case is unther review at US Embassy kabul can u tell me how long be whait for this case brother thanks

    1. Contact me on facebook and will talk. FB profile: Mustafa Afp Staff

  11. I’ve worked with US-Army for like 13months and got terminated for no reason, when I left the FOB, I asked for my HR letter, there was written mission refusal, but I don’t remember any mission refusal during my work with US-Army…
    I applied for the SIV on 2012 and I’ve got deniel email.
    I tried to get new recommendation letter although I was not working with the US-Army, our team members knew me for my faithful and valuable work, they wrote me new recommendation letters and emphasized for my faithful, hard work and dangerouse missions and hard days with US-Army:
    But these all still didn’t work and I am still waiting for approvel.
    My friends knows all about me for security issues that my life is in danger I travel to different countries but could not stay longer because life was so costly and expensive out there.
    I hope to get the approvel as soon as posible.
    Nawin jan

    1. Sorry to hear that Nawin,
      Please contact IRAP organization for assistance with your case. Visit:

  12. salam mostafa jan
    how long take time in kabul embassy for denied/approved of case

    1. nobody can answer this question. good luck.

  13. Hey Mustafa from where you get this info.

  14. this is helpfully for me


    1. Contact your American citizen supervisor. good luck.

  16. You guys told about interpreters who failed CI Screening they need to find Colonel to re-arrange CI Screening how we can find Colonel please let me know or you guys can assist me please let me know thank you so much in advance and much appreciated.

    1. Unfortunately, you have to find Colonel rank officer yourself. Both we and IRAP organization can not help you with this. Good luck.

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