Adding Newborn Child to SIV Case

Please email to request adding your newborn child to your SIV case. In the email include following items: Child’s birth certificate (translated and original taskera). Child’s Afghan electronic passport copy. Principal applicant’s full name, date of birth and case number. Email template: To: Subject: Mustafa Totakhail (Your full name), 03/01/1995 (your birthdate), KBL20174567890 (your case number) Email message: I am …

How Does a Bill Become a Law?

Many people are unaware about the process a bill goes through in the US Congress to get passed and become a law. Knowing this process will help Afghans understand the process SIV and immigration bills must go through, how it passes and why it fails sometimes.

The process is explained in the info-graphic and video below. Make sure to watch the video. As always, don’t forget to share this post!

Watch the video


How to ask for SIV help?

This post is written to help facilitate faster response and help for Afghans seeking SIV assistance and answers. Often times, people are sending incomplete Facebook messages to either Mustafa AfghanRefugee or Afghan Refugee Facebook pages that are not helpful and does not allow fast response. Following is a typical chat transcript. SIV applicant: Salam lala Mustafa, Khob asti? Yak sawal dashtum. …

Adding Spouse to SIV case after immigrating to USA

A commonly asked question is whether single SIV applicants that get married after arriving to USA can add their spouse from Afghanistan to their SIV case. The US Embassy Kabul has attempted to answer this question and reminds everyone to avoid using Nikah khats with fake marriage dates to make marriage appear to  have occured before the SIV applicant traveled …

Interview Documents Explained

This blog post attempts to simplify and explain the documents listed in the SIV interview letter for US Embassy Kabul. Lets examine the typical list first. Part 1 This letter is requesting following documents from the SIV applicant: Unexpired Afghan electronic passport for everyone in the case, including children. Two passport photos for everyone measuring 5 cm x 5 cm. …

US Visa Interview Process

The following video shows the US Visa interview process in US Embassy Kabul. This video covers all types of visa cases including marriage, SIV, student, tourist, etc. There is no visa fee for SIV cases with exception of “General Letter” SIV program. The video mentions about visa fees for non-immigrant cases only. View more SIV videos here